A Road Safety Audit (RSA) is a systematic evaluation of a development, design or road scheme from a road safety perspective, aimed at identifying, eliminating or mitigating against potential road safety hazards.

TTRSA's qualified and experienced Road Safety Auditors, work as an Audit Team to deliver a RSA to prevailing standards including GE-STY-01024 in Ireland.  In Ireland our Audit Team members are registered on the Transport Infrastructure Ireland computerised Road Safety Audit Approvals System [RSAAS] which ensures that we can provide a rapid turn-around of RSAs on the national road network.  There are multiple stages of RSA for a scheme:

  • A Stage F RSA is undertaken at the feasibility or conceptual design stage to assess the relative road hazards of different scheme options;
  • A Stage 1 RSA is undertaken at the preliminary design stage of the scheme, often prior to submitting a planning application or in response to a request for further information (RFI).
  • A Stage 2 RSA is undertaken at the detailed design stage of the scheme, often prior to tendering.
  • A combined Stage 1/2 RSA is undertaken in situations where a Stage 1 can be omitted or a Stage 1 can be combined with a Stage 2, for example for minor schemes. A Stage 1-2 RSA requires assessment of the design detail, as per a Stage 2 Audit.
  • A Stage 3 RSA is undertaken at the construction stage of the scheme upon completion of construction but prior to the opening of the scheme to traffic (whenever possible).  Stage 3 RSA site visits are undertaken during both daylight and darkness hours.

In the United Kingdom, the following additional stages of RSA are undertaken:

  • A Stage 4 RSA is is focused on monitoring the road safety impacts of a scheme based on accident data after opening. In particular, a Stage 4 RSA identifies locations where accidents resulting in injury have occurred and accidents have similar causal factors or causal chains.
  • An Interim RSA is undertaken at any stage of preliminary or detailed design and is particularly useful for schemes with early contractor involvement where it can lead to savings in programme and design related costs.

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